"Précis" seeding combination


The Précis is the logical follow-up to the experience gained from the Joker and the Rapido, offering a seeding combination that is truly unique in its versatility and performance.

It not only enables the grass seeding of surfaces being created, along with ground work and leveling, the reseeding of degraded turf, but also the precise dissemination of all types of products in granular form.

This tool can handle all the services performed by the Joker and the Rapido.

Versatility and precision

The Precis makes it possible :

  • to create new lawns and to work on the soil and its evenness.
  • to reseed degraded turf.
  • to precisely spread all types of products, in granular form, with or without superficial burial.
  • to carry out all the tasks performed by the Joker and the Rapido (breaking up worm castings, dethatching, moss control, etc.).

A powerful combination of tasks

A – The first tined rake is used to prepare the seedbed and level the soil.

B – The pneumatic seeder, mechanically driven, applies the seed with great precision in proportion to the speed.

C – The second tined rake makes it possible to incorporate the seed into the soil.

D – The topsoiling roller provides soil stabilization and ensures that the soil is properly treated.


Seeder specifications


Electric blower for seed distribution.

Calibration when dispensing is switched off, before seeding begins.
200-liter hopper capacity.
Reglage cylindre
Adjustable cylinder to match seed size.
Display window to allow visual control of the available reserve.
Convenient seed flow calibration.
Chute for emptying the tank at the end of the operation.
cylindres dosage
Replacement of the dispensing cylinders.


  • Surface seeding.
  • Reseeding of degraded turf.
  • Precise application of all product types.
  • Firmly packs the soil and eliminates small surface irregularities.
  • Carries out all the tasks performed by the Joker and Rapido.

The benefits

  • The operating width (1.80 m) offers an optimal quality of work with a performance capacity of 1.5 ha/hour at 8 km/h.
  • Flexibility in the types of spreadable products and soil types desired.
  • The adjustment of the quantity/m² to be sown is very simple and proportional to the forward speed. The seeder is locked when the tractor is not in use or when the machine is raised.
  • The conditions of use in wet periods are pushed back to the tractor’s bearing capacity limits.
  • The Précis will not jam or clog, even in wet weather.

Key features

  • Increased productivity.
  • Suitable for operating in wet conditions.
  • Quick and easy setup with push bar.
  • Very low cost of wear.
  • Very easy to control the quantity to be sown/m².
  • Sowing proportional to the forward speed.


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Technical specifications

"Précis" seeding combination

Operating width 1,80 m
  • Height : 1.70 m
  • Length : 1.40 m
  • ø Lifting arm hitch: Cat 1 (22 mm)
  • ø 3-point hitch: Cat 1 (19 mm)
  • Machine weight when empty: 300 kg
  • Hopper capacity: 200 liters
  • Min. tractor power: 30 CV
  • Operating speed range: 4 to 12 km/h

French Manufacturing

Proud to offer you French-made machines, we pay particular attention to quality in the choice of materials and the manufacturing process. The machines are fabricated in our workshops in Alsace. We strive to create reliable and easy-to-use products. Customized solutions are possible for specific needs. The raw materials are mainly sourced in Germany, France and Italy.