The Perfecto was engineered to service equestrian surfaces made of sand or a mixture of sand and textile fibers or shavings.

It makes it possible to loosen equestrian surfaces, level, evenly mix and combine a variety of components.

A versatile machine for your equestrian floors

With the Perfecto, you can:

  • Loosen and aerate the surface material to retain soil flexibility and permeability.
  • Evenly mix and blend different components.
  • Level and stabilize the surface.

A tried and tested concept

A – A rotor that sets the material in motion
The blades’ rotational movement puts the material in motion in order to aerate, break it up and render it consistent. This mixing of material is possible even at high operating speeds.

B – Stabilizing wheels
The rear wheels, distributed over the width of the machine, are jointed and follow the tractor’s trajectory even in tight bends. They stabilize the surface by weighing it down and provide a level reference (gauge wheels).

C – The mechanical rake’s orientation ensures perfect leveling
The Perfecto can be used in two ways: it levels in the driving direction, or, when the rake’s orientation is altered, it displaces the excess material generated by the repeated passages of the horses to the right or left.


Non-inflated and jointed wheels that are maintenance free.

Hydraulic drive for the mechanical rake.

Two handwheels to set the height of the gauge wheels.


Rake angle adjustment via a hydraulic cylinder.

OR Rake angle adjustment via a push bar (option 1).

Option 2: Replace the roller with directional wheels for landscaping work.

Option 3: Hydraulic power unit allowing, from a single-acting connection, the activation of the hydraulic motor, the rotor orientation and the push bar to adjust the operating height.

Customized manufacturing:
It is possible to adapt the mechanical rake according to your needs: width, blade spacing, hydraulic function, etc.


  • Loosens and aerates material.
  • Evenly mix and blend various components.
  • Levels.
  • Stabilizes.

The benefits

  • The machine and its settings are user-friendly: crank handle on gauge wheels and push bar.
  • High productivity: 3 to 6 km/h depending on the type of application and soil.
  • Low power requirements (from 20 HP).
  • Rotor drive by hydraulic motor: safety, precise rotor speed control (independent of the motor speed).

Technical specifications

Perfecto mechanical rake

Operating width 1,80 m
  • Height: 0.94 m
  • Length: 1.43 m
  • ø Lifting arm hitch: Cat 1 (22 mm)
  • ø 3-point hitch: Cat 1 (19 mm)
  • Machine weight when empty: 300 kg
  • Min. tractor power: 20 HP
  • Operating speed range : 3 to 6 km/h

French Manufacturing

Proud to offer you French-made machines, we pay particular attention to quality in the choice of materials and the manufacturing process. The machines are fabricated in our workshops in Alsace. We strive to create reliable and easy-to-use products. Customized solutions are possible for specific needs. The raw materials are mainly sourced in Germany, France and Italy.